The place to call for remodeling your home!

“I would not go anywhere for future remodeling except to Travis Bowen, owner of Epic Interiors, and I recommend him to everyone I know.  Travis is a stickler for perfection; it shows in the way he conducts his business, his honesty, professionalism and knowledge of his work. He expects the same from all his employees, all of whom are professional, friendly and expert in what they do. Work began 4 weeks ago, and we are in the last week of the remodel, and I am so pleased and pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the work. They all work quickly but thoroughly. They build their own cabinets instead of purchasing them and adding fillers to make them fit. Travis explains every step of the process every day, answers any questions I may have and is there regularly to supervise the work. He finds ways to reduce cost without compromising quality, and cares very much about the satisfaction of his customers.  They are on time and work quickly and cleanly.  The price was detailed up front, and Travis knew the budget I needed to work within and always kept that in mind when we chose tile and other items. I have incurred no other costs but what he quoted, unless it was something later that I chose to do. Then he let me know the cost of the additional work I wanted done before doing it. Travis does his blue tape inspection on completion of the job.  He will give me a roll of blue tape, and I will stick it on any of the work I think could be better.  He returns and triple checks every piece of tape he finds and makes it right.  I just got a quote on remodeling my kitchen from Travis, and when that time comes, Epic and Travis is all I would ever consider. Excellent work for a fair price.”

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