Lonnie H. – Laguna Niguel Kitchen Remodel

“This kitchen remodel all started with a water damage that took place in Laguna Niguel, CA. We had completed 2 other water damage repairs on the same street and wer given referrals by the neighbors. We were able to negotiate all the funds for the customer and get the entire insurance claim covered. The customers chose to upgrade the kitchen and new custom cabinets were built and installed, a beautiful exotic granite selected and installed with a full backsplash. New engineered floors, all drywall and paint, baseboards, doors and hardware were completed also. New LED under-cabinet lights, glass pendants over the island really light up the colors of the countertops and backsplash. We had fun with these customers. Through it all, and working with the insurance companies, they were always very polite and happy to see us. Those are the customers we appreciate and will continue to work hard for. Thank you for a great opportunity to work with you on your home.

Kitchen Remodel Project Photos:

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