I was thrilled with the end results!

“After some minor water damage in my kitchen, I made the decision to remodel the space now rather than waiting two years like I originally planned. I did a great deal of research on designers, general contractors, kitchen & bathroom re-modelers, etc., and I asked friends, relatives and neighbors for referrals as well. After several visits to big box retailers, cabinet dealers, designer showrooms and setting up several in-house consultations, I secured six (6) estimates to compare. My decision to hire Travis, Mike and “Team Epic” as I call them was based on the quality of their work, their professionalism & integrity, and their understanding of (and respect for) my wants, needs, priorities, concerns and personal style. Their creative ideas, recommendations, practical options and pros & cons for each major decision were invaluable throughout the process. I was thrilled with the end results and I love my new “open” kitchen! Not only does the style, look & feel tie in beautifully with the rooms & space adjacent to the kitchen, but the kitchen now provides a welcoming and inclusive vibe. Travis, Mike and their team (Jose, Victor, Marcos, Ivan, Joe) were wonderful to work with, and I will definitely hire them to remodel my master bathroom for my next big project!”

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