Fixed Our Whole Kitchen!

“We had a leak in the pipes above the kitchen. After we had it dried out, Epic Interiors and Construction came highly recommended by the people that tore apart and dried our kitchen. We met Travis and Mark, they are very polite and always called to let us know what was going on. Every time we called to ask questions they answered the phone or got back to us very quickly.  They replaced the missing or damaged drywall. They rebuilt our cabinets from scratch to match the rest of our kitchen.  After they rebuilt the cabinets, they refaced the rebuilt and existing cabinets to update our whole kitchen. With the refacing we also got brand new doors and drawers, “We wanted to have the hinges on the inside of the doors.”   We got rid of the white tile countertops that remained and got brand new granite tops and backsplash (which I love). Travis took me shopping for the granite, after I found the slabs I liked, Travis took the time to find pictures of kitchens with the same granite material so I could really have ideas of my options for the backsplash. We tried to keep the old kitchen faucet but Brent, Travis’s plumber, showed us that the seals were bad and that the old faucet need to be replaced. When they updated it Travis made sure to get me samples of handles and knobs for the cabinets to match. I really liked the fact they always thought a head and would bring stuff to me to show me.  To finish it all off they repainted the whole kitchen and replaced the broken tiles in the floor from the drying company tearing apart the cabinets  .  There crews were very punctual and did an amazing job. Even when I didn’t see any thing wrong or thought it looked great they always followed up with touch ups to exceed my expectations. My kitchen looks amazing.”

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