Exceeded My Expectations

“The project plan was very detailed.  There were unforseen bumps in the road, but all were handled professionally and on a timely basis.  Work order changes were estimated and handled in order.  All our expectations were met and exceeded. This was a 6 week project that took 8 weeks. The extra time was due to conditions outside of Epic’s control.  We communicated about this and all was good.  Travis has an exceptional skill in design.  We wound up with a finished product that we were amazed with.  We downsized from a 2900 square foot  2 story house to a 40 year old 1100 square foot single story attached unit. He maximixed the storage available for every square foot of this place. Just ask for the pictures and you will also be amazed.     “We are now planning expand the home to 1300 square feet which will include roof and room expansion (blowing out of exterior walls), all new windows, doors and a total kitchen remodel.  Epic has a great team. We are looking forward to the next phase, probably 6-8 months long for the amount of work that has to be done.”

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